Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's starting to look up

Signs that this March march-ness may be turning around:

(1) I've received two packages filled with delightful surprises in as many days.
(2) I started the Chevron Scarf.
(3) Rather than be all, "I didn't get anything done over the weekend," I am able to call knitting two small rows "starting the Chevron Scarf".
(4) I am posting despite not having pictures to include. (It's very overcast here today. Terrible light for taking photos of the delicious surprises.)
(5) Rather than slicing my right thumb on my eggs this morning, I instead sliced my left thumb on the zipper of a compartment of my purse yesterday. Jealous?

Like I said, things may be looking up. I'll tell you more about the surprises when the sun comes out.

How are things looking where you are?


Kristy said...

Things here are rainy and dreary and cold. (Well, most people would say "cool" but it is the closest thing to cold we get here!) And I am loving it.

Nano said...

It's overcast and drizzly here, but then again, I think we reside under the same sky. I'm knitting gloves for my daughter. Two pinkies and a thumb left, but my knitting is kinda paralyzed for some reason. Instead I'm sewing some ruffled aprons and planning a quilt. Lately I seem to spend more time planning and deciding on projects rather than doing them.

Cara said...

Dude! I am SO JEALOUS of your sliced thumbs! I would much prefer sliced thumbs than two completely stuffed nostrils. ;-) Thanks for the comment today!

Kim said...

Things here are warmer than expected, with bright sunny skies. Unfortunately, I am stuck in an office as usual, but I can see the bright sunny day from my desk.