Monday, March 26, 2007

What's with the hectic?

Behind on blog reading is like being behind on hanging out with friends. Only blogs have archives. So that's good. In the most wistful tone I've got I say to you: Someday I'll be able to read blogs again.

(I have now collapsed on my fainting couch with the back of my hand to my forehead. The vapors! The hysteria! My smelling salts!)

It is so hectic in my life right now. It is my-lists-have-lists hectic. So we're gonna just push on ahead. I know there will be soft, pretty things waiting for me on the other side.

Meanwhile, check out the avalanche of fabrics my mom sent me last week!

This was the other great pressie I mentioned. How great is that?! She was on a business trip and there happened to be a quilting store right near her hotel. So she got me some fabrics! Because that's how she conducts the business of being a mom. By being thoughtful and generous.

While I do not know what I will make with this giant panel of monkeys jumping on a bed, I do know it will be a celebration of their long tails. Because monkey tails are hilarious.

Hey! Maybe I can get some monkeys to do things on my lists. Yeah! No, that's ridiculous. It's tax season. What am I thinking? There won't be a monkey alive who isn't crunching numbers and filing forms. Bad timing, me!


Nano said...

What a great gift! I think I collect more fabric and yarn than I could use, but so it goes. The monkey panel should be framed or made into a pillow. Or maybe even centered or off-centered on a little quilt. Hope the hectic slows down for you soon.

kim said...

Wow! You hit the monkey motherload there. Reminds me of Dane Cook saying that "monkeys are more than just bananas and dancing with toothbrushes!" What a nice mommy.

Nora said...

Hope things slow down for you. x

Laura said...

I think I definitely need some vapors to go with my chillblains.

Your mom is a gem! What an awesome load of fabric!

Ashley said...

Dude. Can your mom give my mom mom lessons?

Kristy said...

The fainting couch is really an under used furnishing these days. I hope one day they will come back into vogue.

The fabric rocks. Nothing can calm your restless crafting soul quite like new fabric (or yarn or beads or needles...whatever). Even better when it is a present! What a great mother you have!