Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A batesfull as hibbing

Just thought I'd share the title of some spam I got today.

Feel free to posit what any of those words might mean. I'm good with "A'" and "as", I think. It's the others that I'm just not sure of.

How about this?

"Batesfull" = A way to describe how deeply you love your mother. (e.g., I love her a batesfull.)

"Hibbing" = hives that have formed in ribbed-like stripes. (e.g., Check out this hibbing on my arm!)

Unfortunately, those definitions do not make the phrase hang together. But that's the best I could do.

Other ideas?


Ashley said...

"A way to describe how deeply you love your mother."

BWAH! I am not even going to try to offer an alternate definition, because clearly that is the most perfect one EVER.

kim said...

Okay, I just assumed that when I clicked on the link, it would be a picture of the wonderful fabric your mom sent you. But no, Dr B is so much more humorous than that! Batesfull -I'm roaring.

Nano said...

Bating can mean flapping, as in wings. And occasionally, I get "hibbings" on my forearms (stress related). So... how about "My hibbings were relieved by the batesfull". Heheh.