Thursday, March 08, 2007

The socks

Sock Tube # 1: Yeah, hi. Listen. I was just noticing that you're about to be finished there, and --
Dark Grey Sock: Uhm. And you are...?
ST: It's me! Me! Remember me? We were pals back in the day.
DGS: Oh! It's you.
ST: Yeah! Me!!
DGS: Yeah! Right! You were a tool.
ST: Yes. There's that.
DGS: Yes.
ST: I wasn't very kind.
DGS: No. You were not kind at all.
ST: Ok. Well, see. Let me explain. I --
DGS: Not interested.

ST: I had a lot going on back then. Things were hard for me. I'd had all those rows that got ripped back.
DGS: No excuse.
ST: Yes. Yes! I know that. That's why I've come back around. I read your letter, and I wanted to tell you I'm sorry.
DGS: Really.
ST: Really! I'm sorry for looking down on you and calling you a stubbit. I'm sorry you doubted yourself because of me. I'm sorry you called into question your very sock-ness because I took off.
DGS: Uh huh.
ST: Look, how about we pose together for a photo? You know, for old times' sake. I'll put it up on my fridge to remind me to be a good friend to you.
DGS: Ehn. I don't know.
ST: Look. I know you have no reason to believe me. But, I have changed.
DGS: Changed?
ST: I've spent a lot of time alone, in the bottom of a bag, not seeing the light of day. I've had time to think.
DGS: Uh huh.
ST: Don't you think a sock can change?
DGS: Of course I do. People change socks all the time.
ST: Right! Ha HA! You're hilarious! I'd forgotten how hilarious you are!
DGS: Don't.
ST: Right.
DGS: I suppose I'd consider it.
ST: You would?
DGS: But I still need a kitchener stitch to close up my toe, and my ends need to be woven in. I can't take a picture with my tail all hanging out.
ST: My tail's hanging out, too!
DGS: I don't know.
ST: I'm know I'm not perfect, but I promise I'll try to be a better pal.
DGS: Well...
ST: How about just until you get your mate? Then we can go our separate ways, having had a few laughs.
DGS: It is very kind of you to come all the way back around to apologize. And my mate will probably be a while.

DGS: You did not just reach out and poke me in the side.
ST: So sorry! One more -- with a shot of your heel!

ST: Awesome!
DGS: Thanks for your apology. It takes a really big sock to come back and apologize.
ST: Yeah. We all do and say things we regret. But we don't always say we're sorry. I am sorry.
DGS: Awwww.


kim said...

Could this be the eavesdropping from 2:30 am? I'm loving gray lately. They look great!

Kristy said...

Ahhh! What a beautiful moment. Do I see a screenplay in your future?

Also, what are these two yarns? I am currently in search of the perfect yarn for man socks and all I have found that really suits my mind is plain black.

Dr. B. said...

Kim - You are hilarious. If only.

Kristy - The yarns are both Koigu KPPPM. Each sock is a different color of grey. The lighter one is for the pair for my sidekick, and the darker one is for my dad. They're really nice colors for man socks, I think.

Anonymous said...

"They're really nice colors for man socks, I think."

I had no idea there were certain colors men shouldn't wear on their feet...

Anonymous said...


Dr. B. said...

Oh, Leo. I've got all kinds of restrictions on who can wear what and when. Just stick around. You'll see. I run a tight ship around here.

(Good one, by the way.)