Monday, March 05, 2007

Yarntini frenzy

It's so boring to hear me say over and over again, "Isn't the world wide web so amazing?" I kind of know this and yet... seriously. Isn't it?

Yesterday afternoon, my sidekick came home with some delicious chicken tacos for dinner. When he walked in the front door, I was sitting at my laptop, hitting the refresh button every 5 seconds.

Sidekick: Hey! Delicious chicken tacos!
Me: (not taking my eyes off the screen) That's so great!
Sidekick: Come on and eat 'em!
Me: Just a second.
Sidekick: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing. (refresh)
Sidekick: So come on!
Me: I'll be right there.
Sidekick: What are you doing.
Me: Nothing. (refresh)

The dialogue went on like this for a few minutes. I then had to admit what I was doing.

Me: Well, there's this yarn called Yarntini, and it's always sold out everywhere, and the woman who makes it... hold on... um... (looking closely at the screen) Ok... the woman who makes it is updating her Etsy shop right now. As she puts colors of yarn up, people are buying them instantly. You have to snatch them up...oh God! I think I have to buy this one. Hold on.

I then entered this controlled frenzy wherein I filled out forms and got email verifications and engaged in shopping cart madness, and actually managed to buy this:

I think the colorway is called "Good to Be Girl". But I can't be entirely sure. It all happened so fast.

Sidekick: You mean there are lots of knitters all online right now, trying to buy this yarn?
What I wanted to say was: They're trying. I'm buying. But that just seemed mean. What I said instead was:
Me: Yup. There are a lot of knitters in the world who love yarn. Pass the tacos, mister!

I highly recommend including delicious chicken tacos in your next celebration. If you do chicken. If not, I suppose any taco would do.

Happy Monday, everyone.


Leslie said...

How funny! I was offline much of the weekend, and I didn't catch wind of the yarn update until this morning. Everything's long gone, of course. You're a lucky one!

Kristy said...

There is something so thrilling about trying to snatch up the new yarns as soon as they are posted. It is like being the first in line at the day after Thanksgiving sales - only better because it isn't 4:00 a.m. and you aren't stuck in a frigid mall entrace alcove with all the crazies. (Of course, you may well be at home with all the crazies but that'd ok.)

kim said...

I have not yet tried the Yarntini madness, but I want to. I really do. Good To Be Girl was named for this site. See this post:

Nora said...

Well, fat chance I'll get any down here... Yep, nothin' like being on the other side of the earth!!

On a brighter note, your st markers are almost ready - yeeehaaaa!!!

Laura said...

Ooh, you scored the coveted Yarntini with chicken taco chasers! Some girls have all the luck.

Kim said...

That's hilarious. I wonder what it would go for if she put it on eBay instead?