Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vote for Softies!

Looking for something quick, fun, and inspiring?

Go vote for The Softie Awards. (Scroll down to the March 22, 2007 entry to get started.)

People are so amazingly talented. You will not be disappointed. (I have a feeling my SIL and Leopold will be particularly interested.)

I don't want to sway any votes. But if you go over there, come back and tell me your favorites, maybe I'll tell you which ones I particularly fancy. They are SO good!

(via not Martha)


Kristy said...

Love the softies! So many fascinating/cute/weird things. I was glad to see that those horrible giant hands weren't on there. Those would have creeped me out all over again.

Laura said...

It was surprisingly hard to decide among many of these. But I LOVED the tea cup pincushion, the long-legged bird, and especially the reclining girl amigurumi. She reminded me of Susan, who perished of fits.

Mue said...

That was fun! I loved Louis August; the flower monster; Toybox doll #1; crocheted sakura; and the sewing machine cozy! Laura, I also voted for the tea cup pincushion, the long-legged bird and the reclining girl.

Faith! said...

ooh thanks for the link! I love the pics of the softies themselves campaigning- I giggled for ten minutes (softly, to myself, in the office. they are afraid).