Wednesday, March 28, 2007

But or chunky

This might get addictive. The title of this post is the subject of another piece of spam I got.

I couldn't decide whether to feature it or "I concordville this colo". They're both really good.

Ok. But seriously.

I mean, but or chunky seriously! Ha HA!

Moo cards? They're killing me. I will easily spend twelve thousand hours making some of these. (Thanks, BDK.) Great gift item. Great gift tag. Great thing to spend half your life making.

If only the Moo cards weren't on the list of lists of fun things to do, because that list is taking a back seat at this time to other lists of lists -- ones wherein I drive all over creation, make more phone calls than anyone should, and try not to explode from crabbiness.

Good thing I concordville this colo. One can always take comfort in that.


Nora said...

Heh, comfort is sometimes derived from weird things...

kim said...

It so denhoff! Hey, this IS fun.

Nano said...

I think you may start a trend. Spam as blog titles.

As for fingers on gloves, it took at least a dozen "test" samples in about 2 years, all ripped out of course, then forgotten because I figured I could never do that. But that's just me. This one worked.