Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How the week went from Whee! to Meh. and back to Whee! again

Sunday: Order Yarntini yarn. Eat chicken tacos.

Monday: Blog about Sunday's spectacular events. Work all day and half the night.

Tuesday: Do some teaching and some working. No blogging. Spend much of the middle of the night eavesdropping. Debate whether or not to get involved in the goings-on until 2:30 AM.

Wednesday: Sleep in with a wicked hangover from the eavesdropping-debating cocktail. Stumble to the mailbox. Upon opening mail, hear a chorus of angels and take a bath in light from above. {Aaaaaaaaaaahh!}

Check out the Yarntini yarn I ordered like two and half seconds ago! It was wrapped all cute, like so:

And then, it was not just yarn. No. That would be outrageous if all I got was the yarn I ordered. What kind of business would that be, if they sent you only what you'd ordered?

Lip balm, people! Strawberry daiquiri flavor! And a handwritten note. And that tissue paper color? Forget about it. (I realize my gratitude is over-reaching. But I really do like that tissue paper.)

The plan for the rest of Wednesday: Stare at yarn. Touch yarn. Read comments wherein people tell me what I should make with the 490 yards of this delicious, fingering weight yarn.

(Does "fingering weight" sound creepy to anyone else, or just to me?)

Seriously, what should I make?!


Ben said...

Well, eavesdropping on what? Isn't that a pretty big missing piece of this story?

tiennie said...

How awesome! Good to be girl yarn looks exactly like the good to be girl site!

Tami said... you must re-imbibe and mentally debate whether or not to turn eavesdropping into web gossipping...

That yarn is so pretty! How does it feel? And honestly, I didn't think your appreciation was overreaching...seemed perfectly appropriate to me, given all the little extras! :)

kim said...

Pink and gray and green. Oh, my! How lovely. Now I truly AM envious.

And how naughty of you to taunt us with the eavesdropping teaser.

Anonymous said...

I was totally going to make fun of you about the yarntini buying wierdness until I read about actually getting it in the mail. That makes the buying frenzy all worth it somehow. I want a treat in the mail. I also made fun of you for knitting until I tried it and got totally obsessed. I guess I'm a follower. Sigh. Now I have to order some rad thing. Like a time machine.

Nora said...

One word: Clapotis!

You have enough for the scarf version...

Dr. B. said...

Yes, Ben, well. Tami has a good point. I do have to mull over whether or not the eavesdropping is Magather-worthy. And Tiennie and Kim, the colors really are great in person. Great! And, don't think I don't know it's you, PIC, hiding behind that Anonymous.

And Nora. You are a flappin' genius. The scarf version of the Clapper. GENIUS!