Saturday, March 31, 2007

I wish I'd made this

Don't you think it would be cool if I'd made this? Or if someone I knew had made this? Yeah. Me too.

But no. This is part of a giant pillow we recently bought from a store, for a couch we recently bought from that same store, for a life we recently decided we wanted to have. This life we decided on includes a couch that is glorious and new. And soft.

We are also looking for some handmade pillows, and so far have looked here and here. We're liking the ones we've seen, but are there any places you've seen that you like with lovely little accent pillows for a couch or chair?

You know I'm tempted to just make some myself, right? (I could totally embroider a bird on a pillow!) At this time, I am resisting that temptation, thank you very much.


Nano said...

OK, I have 2 places I've been eyeballing but haven't bought from yet.

You can pick your own fabric here, from their choices, of course:

And here, the possiblities are endless, plus it's part of the International Fair Trade Movement. And they offer so much besides pillows.

If nothing else, one site's fun to look at, the other, inspiring.

Nora said...

Just make the damn things yourself!
Japanese fabric (complete with birds) here:

I used it for my zakka sack:

Etsuko Furuya 'Echino" - good sturdy weight cotton - perfect for interior designing. Use he dot fabric as a contrast...

3 seams, 1 insert, zip, buttons or a 4th seam - you're done!

Nora said...

Bad links. Try these (remove the spaces): 1688 zakka-pouch-knitted-base-youll-need-50g. html

Dr. B. said...

You guys are the best! The best, I tell you! Thank you for this info.

Nano, thanks for those links! I love me some Fair Trade.

And, Nora, when are you gonna stop killing me? Didn't I just say I'm not gonna make a pillow? Yes, I know that usually means that I am going to make a pillow, but do you have to encourage me so? And with the link to that ten million dollar bird fabric that I've been looking at forever?

Oh, I love the internet.

Kristy said...

Your readers are a wealth of knowledge! I for one can't wait to see what you end up with.

On a somewhat related note, have you seen the Mason-Dixon Knitting book? They have a cushion cover (I think it is a piano bench cover or the like) pattern in the book that is really beautiful. I have been contemplating making a pillow using that pattern. I think it would be right up your alley.

Anonymous said...

no time to make the fancy links...,1,1/


Anonymous said...

whoops...none are hand made, though