Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Overheard at Crate and Barrel

My sidekick and I were strolling through our local Crate and Barrel, and we passed by as a woman was stroking the top of a coffee table.

Woman to cheery salesdude: What is this top made of? Is this faux marble?
Cheery salesdude: No, ma'am. That is travertine tile.
Woman: Oh! (She looked more closely.)
Cheery salesdude: Yep! Nothing here is fake. They sell that at Pottery Barn.
Sidekick and I (simultaneously, over our shoulders, and out loud): Oh, snap!

We all had a nice laugh after that. It was funny mostly because the salesdude was openly and chipper-ly slamming Pottery Barn. But I think some of the laughter could have been at us and our use of the now-outdated expletive "snap". The kids are long done with "snap" and are no doubt up to much more interesting and dynamic ways to underscore someone else's humiliation. We just don't know what those ways are yet. So, who are we to think we can say "snap", and say it with feeling, without looking like complete dorks?

The answer should be obvious. And that's Doctor Complete Dork to you.


JYGreen said...

I'm trying to bring "moted" back - to no avail.

kim said...

I'm striving to bring "grody" back. Circa 1973. As in, "that's so grody." I know you are, but what am I?

Kristy said...

I read this yesterday and would have sworn I left a comment but obviously not. I do so love the "overheard"s. It really pays to always be listening. ;)