Sunday, April 15, 2007

Transforming traditional crafts, indeed.

My third issue of Craft magazine is mocking me.

You call yourself a crafter?

When's the last time you set some stones in a bit of twisted wire? Or made your own lip balm? Or silkscreened something?




Okay. Well, when's the last time you made some doll clothes?

Yeah. That's what I thought.

So, have you ever stuck eyeballs on anything? Like, say, a lamp?


Fed up and sure I'll never say yes to anything, the magazine dispenses with the questions and just goes with a list.

Used a mold. Recycled pull tabs into art. Made a finger puppet.

Still, nothing?

My magazine shakes itself at me. (Not having a head, this is the best it can do to demonstrate its overwhelming sense of disdain.) Unable to resist, it hurls the obvious last zinger at me before slamming itself shut.

And you call yourself a crafter.


Jean said...

Bwaahaahaa! You crack me up. And, yeesh, If that's the way Craft is going to be to you, I shudder to think how it would treat me.

Kirsten said...

But it's still a fun read. (rushes off to Borders to pick up a copy)

Kristy said...

Where did you find this magazine?? I must have it. (Bad attitude and all.)

Laura said...

Why haven't I subscribed to this yet?! And how will I make it until it's on the newsstand?!

Kim said...

Yeah, the eyeball thing just SCREAMS "crafter." Or something.

Dr. B. said...

This is a subscription relationship. Every month I think it'll be different, but every month it taunts me with craft projects just beyond my reach.

What are you gonna do? You can't walk away when it's full of things that are actually inspiring.

I am starting to worry a little, though, that it might be the Cosmo of crafting, setting unrealistic expectations for the common crafter. (I am willing to be wrong about this.)

Nano said...

I'm getting the magazine anyway. It can taunt me all it likes, I don't care. It can join the chorus of all my other books, magazines. yarn, fabric, the list is endless. I'm going to thumb through it, then look at every page and decide which projects I'm going to do, then put it on the shelf with the rest of them. Heheh.