Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yarn is weird

You know how when you look at something for a long time, it can start to look really weird?

...like when you spell a word, and you know it's spelled correctly, but all of a sudden it just looks strange?

That's how I'm starting to feel about my yarn.

I'm sure these yarns are just fine. Exactly right. Just as they should be.

And yet, they look kinda funny.

Well. In all fairness, I'm sure the yarn feels the same way about me.


kim said...

Oooh, pretty! I love the first three. Are these part of the big haul?

Kristy said...

It is amazing how that happens. I take ID pictures for work and after I have been working on badges for a while, everyone's face starts to look distorted and freakish.

I need to know what the green and the last (brown and cream?) yarns are.

Dr. B. said...

Kim - These are a part of The Big Stash (photos I'm taking for my Ravelry undertaking).

Kim & Kristy - The white yarn is a Trendsetter yarn from who knows when. The brown is a Jo Sharp mohair. The green is a Suss mohair. And the brown and cream cakes are Lorna's Laces self-striping yarn for socks that I got at my beloved Purl years ago.

Glad you guys like them!

Nora said...

It's the mohair contingent, I'm sure.

Or perhaps Kristy's right - a distortion based on familiarity or over-exposure.

Stacey said...

I totally know what you mean about looking at a word and it just LOOKS WEIRD! I do that all the time!!!! Those are some fuzzy yarns!

vt said...

Hey - As I looked at your pics, some of the yarns started to look... well, a bit menacing. Like they might attack. Is that wierd?

Faith! said...

I laughed out loud! I know exactly what you mean.