Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I completely forgot I had that.

My PIC has always been amazed by my ability to forget I have things. These "things" can be anything, from food to yarn to fabric. You name it, I've likely forgotten I have it.

PIC (looking in my cupboard): Oh my God. You have a whole chocolate bar in here?
ME: Oh. Yeah. I completely forgot I had that.
PIC: What are you talking about?

She and I used to work together, and she would often come into my office and ask if I had any food.

ME: Let me look.

I'd pull out a box where I kept snacks.

ME: Oh.
PIC (dumbfounded): You completely forgot you had that huge bag of Cheetos? How is that possible?!
ME: Hmm. Right. You want some?

This whole thing is generally fine by me. I don't concern myself with it. When it comes to my things, if it's out of sight, it is very likely -- as they say -- out of mind. Then, when I see it again, it's kinda like Christmas. Only paid for already.

But every now and again I amaze myself. Really and truly. I will come across something that is so far out of my awareness that seeing it is like a walk down memory lane. Only with no real nostalgia. More like with some "what the...?" and some "oh, good lord, you're kidding."

This scarf - abandoned after a few strands of fringe - was at the bottom of a pile of yarn that I just went through last week.

As I stared at this scarf, the whole thing came back to me: the lady at the yarn store who convinced me that a metallic yarn would look "so rock 'n' roll" with the tweedy red yarn I'd selected; the 50% off sale and its judgement-impairing properties; the lady telling me to cut the fringe before I started knitting so I wouldn't run out of yarn; my knitting the scarf and having no idea why I was knitting it or who it would be for; my running out of yarn because I hadn't listened to the lady about cutting the fringe first. (Sure. I listened long enough to buy metallic yarn, but not long enough to get the actual good advice she was offering.)

So here I sat, years later, staring at this almost-finished-and-so-very-useless scarf. I stared. I thought. And then I did what I usually do in these situations: I put it back where I found it.

I figure the next time I stumble across it, perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised and only moderately disgusted that I made it. And it will be just like Christmas.


kim said...

Well, the close-up shot looks really pretty. I think we all have these little fiber ghosts in our closets. I gave a bag full of fun fur scarves to my friend to give to her aunts. They loved them - go figure. Fun fur!

I do the same thing with out-of-sight items. Just last week, I found a brand new black Lauren t-shirt with tags still on it. No recollection whatsoever of having purchased it. But what a nice, little surprise.

Nora said...

Donate it! :)

tiennie said...

I agree with Nora - donate it and then you'll feel good to be passing on a handknit item!

Kristy said...

Yep, I'm with the peanut gallery: donate it. Take off the bit of fringe you've already down and toss that away somewhere, then donate the lovely, simple scarf. Someone will love it.

I do the same thing, forgetting I have stuff. Just the other night I happily discovered a box of fabric my mother gave me several years ago. I (foolishly) put it in a safe place. Safe from me, obviously.

Stacey said...

it looks cozy! i like Nora's idea if it is something you aren't going to want. I'm an "out of sight, out of mind" person too....makes finding your old stuff fun!

vt said...

Oh My God. That's so right on. I'm laughing right now and I wish I had some cheetos! But, of course, I know for sure that I don't ;)