Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Burnt hands can't craft.

ME (to my Sidekick this morning): So, how about those eggs you were gonna make us?
SIDEKICK: Ohhhh! I forgot I was gonna make eggs!
ME: Grrr. Me starving.
SIDEKICK: How about I make it up to you with a grande decaf vanilla soy latte?
ME: Ok.

A few minutes later, my Sidekick returns with hot beverages.

ME: Aw. Thanks!
SIDEKICK: You're welcome.
ME (picking up cup): Owee. That's hot. You didn't bring a little cuff thingie?
SIDEKICK: What? No. I didn't. Sorry.
ME: But it's real hot. How am I gonna drink my delicious hot beverage if I can't pick it up?
SIDEKICK (rolls his eyes, shakes his head, laughs a little)
ME: Maybe there's an old one in the recycling.

I look through the recycling. Nothing.

ME: I guess I'll just have to fashion my own cuff thingie.

I begin the process of fashioning my own cuff thingie. It involves scissors and tape.

SIDEKICK (watching me): You weirdo, just use a paper towel for it.
ME (still fashioning): Why do you hate the earth so much? I'm recycling!

Twenty-five seconds later, I've completed my masterpiece.

ME: All done.
SIDEKICK: Oh my God, it's great!
ME: Thanks!
SIDEKICK: You should take a picture of it.
ME: That's silly.
SIDEKICK: Take a picture of it for the blog!
ME: You kill me.

Ladies and gentlemen, this morning with my Sidekick.

Aaaaand, scene.


Kristy said...

Ahh...the Sidekick cares both about your coffee needs AND your blog. Who says romance is dead? :)

You should plan ahead for the next time your coffee is sleeveless. Have you seen that Java a Go Go pattern from MagKnits?

kim said...

With all due respect, you may have been living in LA for too long... :) Fabulous resourcefulness!

Nora said...

Hehehe, ingenious!

Ashley said...

This is what knitting is made for, my good woman. Felted sleeve!

venti nonfat no-whip half-caf pumpkin spice latte.

MGF said...

Won't the coffee melt the mochi? Am I not getting it?

Jamie said...

ha - love it! i chose a good day to check into the blog! i second the suggestion for a knitted Starbucks cozy. (and i won't be rude and mention those socks i am not going to mention! : ) )

Stacey said...

:) how cute! and your hands are now safe....

tiennie said...

Way to save the earth! BTW - That's my starbucks drink too except mine's a single shot.

Carol said...

You have a great sidekick! Mine would never think about the blog pictures!

Kirsten said...

Te-hee, great story! But you leave me with a question. After 25 miniutes of "re cycling" was the tasty hot beverage not cold?