Thursday, November 01, 2007

Longer, wider, faster

Last time you checked around a week ago, I'd started a second Chevron Scarf. Here's what I had then:

Considering my first one took 6 months, I'm impressed at how quickly (relatively speaking) this one is going. This is what I have now:

Long, right?

The colors are much more beautiful than these photos show. You'll see.

This one also seems a little wider than my first, but that's not important. So let's just move on.

Hey! Thank you so much for your input on what to make with the Chinese yarn! Your ideas were all so good and helpful! What would I do without you?! Really.

I like the idea of making something for my sweet friend, as many of you suggested. If I went with socks, I'd definitely have to double the yarn or add some other kind of thread to it, because it seems like they'd wear through in about three seconds otherwise.

But. If I were to go in a shawl/wrap direction (not for my sweet friend), I love the Hanami shawl that Kristy suggested. There's also a little wrap in Weekend Knitting. (Can I sub this Chinese yarn for mohair, do you think, or no?) I'm a little worried that I may have to give in and get that Folk Shawls book you're all going on about. Damn it! Don't you know I'm drowning in books over here? Sheesh.

Thank goodness Seth kindly reminded me that books are free at my local li-berry. (He also had the brilliant idea of incorporating Chinese knitting designs into the project. He is all good ideas, that Seth.)

Note to self: When at said library, look for Knitting For Peace. It has the pattern for the Swirl Hat that Kim went and made in her obvious attempt to destroy me, rather, to help me with ideas for my holiday knitting.

Oh, what do you know, my new issue of Interweave Knits just arrived. Gotta go!


Stella said...

Dude, you and that scarf are seriously wearing down my defenses. Don't you know I don't have time for one more project? Enough with the stunning-ness, already. :)

Nora said...

I tried contributing to your previous post, but I'm hopeless with ideas at the moment! It takes me forever to decide on a project, which then gets frogged 5 times until a final decision is made. Then there's the problem of suggesting something that you consider AWFUL! Or worse, that turns out AWFUL! Oh my, too much stress. I'm much better when it comes to fabric...

kim said...

I didn't think it was possible, but I am loving this Chevron even more than your last. Like Stella, you are wearing me down! I don't have time for a Chevron. I have about five projects going on as it is! Thanks for the shout-out (or was it just a shout?). I hope you enjoy making the Swirl Cap.

Kristy said...

I am with Kim: I didn't think a Chevron scarf could be better than your last one but indeed I think this one is. Beautiful!

And I hope you will keep us posted on the plans for the Chinese yarn. It is such beautiful stuff.

Speaking of Dr. B's yarns of the world, what are you doing with the Argentine yarn?

vt said...

I love the colors. Now I wanna make one. It's so pretty. I love the hanami scarf but am scared of a pattern that's 12 pages. It's so cool that it might be worth it though. Maybe.

seth said...

I always forgot about the library until I started working at the library. I am a librarian who spent maybe three hours, total, in the library during college, and less as an adult. But man! the library can hook. you. up. with stuff! We circulate brand new DVDs! Free! And we will get you books from libraries far, far away from you! Also free! And we will teach your parents how to work a computer so you don't have to!
I'm using all these exclaimation points because these are things I probably did not know or remember about the library until I started being there every day, and all day long I find new awesome things that our library system can do to put people in touch with things they need. I love my job so much. /rant

Anyway, also, that site is awesome because you can find out almost every library in the country that carries a particular book, and then you can either go get it or get your library to request it. If you get that Chinese knitting book, you should post about it. There are a few others around, but only in single copies and they seem to actually be in Chinese.

Stacey said...

love how the chevron is coming out....long scarves are the best!

can't wait to see what you pick - my library has a knitter as the administrator, so we get all the newest books!