Thursday, November 15, 2007

An apology, an admission, and an invitation

Apology: So sorry it's been so long since my last post!

Admission: I went back into that store. OK. Sure. Yes. I vowed to never set foot in there again, but it seemed foolish to stand on ceremony when my PIC needed some yarn to finish a project, and we were right there! Good news for me -- there were no familiar faces, we were in and out of there in exactly three minutes, and nothing was purchased. Bad news for my PIC -- nothing was purchased. While they didn't have what she needed, I did manage to spy some Manos that I am going to buy elsewhere. Ha HA! See there! Elsewhere! I also saw some little cupcake pincushions that were super cute, but they were not thirty-two dollars cute, and that's what those bitches were selling for. Nope. Thank you kindly, but hell nope.

Invitation: My sidekick and I are going away for the week of Thanksgiving, starting tomorrow. While we're gone, I want you to have things to read (or re-read), and it just so happens that there is one "eavesdropping" post for each day I'm away. Isn't that handy? If it so pleases you, come on back each day for a little trip down memory lane. I've made a little schedule just for you. (Don't let this limit you. Please. Feel free to wander about as well.)

Friday: None of my beeswax
Saturday: These are the people in my neighborhood
Sunday: How the week went from Whee! to Meh. back to Whee! again
Monday: That eavesdropping from the other night
Tuesday: Overheard at the fancy supermarket
Wednesday: Overheard at Crate and Barrel
Thursday: Our trip to the so-called craft store
Friday: Overheard at lunch today

I will check in from time to time, as I am able. I may also have some kind of haul when I return, if history repeats itself.

Please know that this Thanksgiving, I am truly grateful for each of you.

Peace and love,
Dr. B.


Kirsten said...

Grateful for you too Dr. B! Have a wonderful trip.

Kristy said...

Sorry for your PIC but glad you didn't have to buy anything in that store. Hurray for elsewhere!

Have a wonderful trip. I'm thankful for you, too!! :)

Risa said...

Have a lovely trip! I can't wait to see what fantastic yarny bits find their way home with you.
Best of the holiday spirit to you and yours!

kim said...

Sure, rub it in. I was there (NYC) today and never got to Purl. Next time... Have a great Thanksgiving!

Ashley said...

I want to make a cupcake pincushion now. How hard can it be?

tiennie said...

Have a great time!

Nora said...

I feel like making a cupcake pincushion NOW! Have a good one, Dr. x

Rani said...

OOoooh hoohoo. That doggy is pretty darn cute. And a reader, too!

Happy Thanksgiving!