Thursday, November 29, 2007

Items! Part Two.

Our trip to the East Coast for Thanksgiving was really great. The food was incredibly delicious, the weather was real weather-y, and some of my knitted garments got to do what they were put on this earth to do -- keep my tender neck warm.

The trip also entailed a serious appreciation of the out-of-this-world-ness of the shops in Brooklyn. They have cornered the market on cute and righteous, I tell you what. Hip clothing, beads, cheese, wine, baby stuff, books -- all distinct stores that are there simply to crush you. The worst offender, in my humble opinion? The Brooklyn General Store.

Man oh man, people. This store.

Do you ever have the experience of walking into a place and not being able to see anything because everything is just so compelling? Yarns. Fabrics. Quilts on display. Dark hardwood floors and cute styling everywhere you turn. I mean, seriously. It was too much. It was absolutely too much holy shit! all in one place.

So, get a load of this fabric. It's flannel.

Flannel! What will they think of next?

I was so overcome with dizzying confusion that all I could do was buy this flannel and a couple of skeins of Misti Alpaca and get the hell out of there. (As they say: If you'd have been there. If you'd have seen it. I bet you you would have done the same.)

My trip into the city to Purl? A horse of a slightly different color. Still overwhelming. Still hard to see everything. But I'd been there before, so I knew what to expect: light-headedness, lack of oxygen to the brain, drooling. All the signs you know you're in a good fabric store and/or having a medical emergency.

I'll tell you more about Purl at another time. For now let's just gaze upon two fabrics I bought -- buns and birds.



And birds.

Motherfucking birds.

No idea what this is for. But I can't find enough expletives to capture how passionately I feel about this fabric.

Thanksgiving: If you come home cursing like a sailor, you know you did it right.


kim said...

Polka-dotted flannel! You're killing me! And the bunnies! I bought it in the red with white bunnies. LOVE it! And I don't even sew. Nope. Not a bit.

Kirsten said...

OMG! The bunnies! They didn't have the bunnies last time I was there. I must go and buy the bunnies. I must go tomorrow. By this time tomorrow I will own some of those bunnies!!

(The motherfucking birds are pretty awesome too!)

Stella said...

BunbunbunbunbunbunBUN. Bun. There, you and your cuteness have reduced me to a blithering mess.

seth said...

please tell me more about this motherfucking bird business. because i am hearting it, big time.

Ashley said...

I am utterly weak-kneed at the bun. And the buns. BUNS!

Dr. B. said...

Seth - You are both hilarious and awesome! Here's what it says on the selvage: Joel Dewberry for Westminster Fibers, # JD-15 Sparrows. Indeed! Also, you made a boat?! My sidekick and I are both throughly humbled and impressed.

Nora said...

Oh, those mf'g birds!!! [You swore first!]

Rooie said...

God, I love those bunnies. I don't sew, I don't want to sew, I don't need to sew...but I want some of that fabric. I love the running bun.

The motherfucking birds are pretty awesome, too, though I can't say I particulary understand the love for the flannel.

I think I've had that overload feeling in just about every yarn store I've been in. "Oh my god...look at, look at this....feel this....just give me one of everything to go."

Stacey said...

flannel! that is so cute! and those buns...good thing I don't live that close to there!

seth said...

lookit what i found! awesome, thanks.

and, yes, i built a boat. it sounds so much more impressive than it was. i mean, yes, occasionally i look at it and think, what? i made that? but then i remember that it really was just a series of small, managable steps.

of course, i can never finish anything on time, so i had only had it in the water for about 20 minutes before i slapped it on my truck and took it down to florida to paddle some of the spring fed rivers there. thank god it floated, because there were alligators.

hmm, oh no. i've also just found this and this. damn you, internet, and your beguiling ways.

Dr. B. said...

Holy chocolate sunburst!

If you go to Seth's "lookit" link and scroll down, there is a fabric called Chocolate Sunburst. It's all I can do to walk away from the scatty jokes and walk right into the beauty of that fabric. (Don't even get me started on his other links. Don't even get me started.)