Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Balls are so last week.

Top yarn cake: Weren't you a ball yesterday?

Bottom yarn cake: Ugh. Why are you even asking? You know I was.

Top: I'm asking because I'm confused.

Bottom: Oh, brother.

Top: I am!

Bottom: Always with the questions and the confusions with you over there.

Top: I just don't understand why she would go through the painstaking trouble to hand-wind us from hanks into balls, only to then -- months later -- wind us into cakes. It's just very suspicious.

Bottom: Look, dude. All is know is yesterday I was a ball. I was a ball, you were a ball, and so was Yellow-Green-Pinky next door over there. Yesterday we were all balls. Today we're cakes. That's it. It is what it is. Leave it.

Top: It is what it is?

Bottom: Why are you always making trouble? Go with the flow, dude.

Top: Go with the flow? What flow? I'm just supposed to keep changing forms at her will? With no explanation? Whenever she pleases? One minute I'm a hank, the next I'm a ball, now I'm a cake. Who knows what will come next? A scarf? A mitten?

Bottom: Please.

Top: That's all you're gonna say about this? "Please"? Aren't you outraged? Don't you feel like you're just being used to satisfy her whims? Don't you have any integrity or sense of moral outrage?!

Bottom: For the love of Pete. We're easier to stack as cakes, and she's re-organizing her stash. That's all there is to it.

Top: Oh. Well. That's cool.

Bottom: Yeah.

Top: Next time I'd like to be in the loop.

Bottom: Noted.

Top: I'm still full of moral outrage.

Bottom: Yes, yes. Of course. How could you not be.


Kristy said...

What a touch life your yarn leads, always being forced to change. You treat them as if they were lifeless, inanimate objects.

I love the cubbies of organization.

Kristy said...

tough. Not touch - tough.

Nano said...

I love how you delve into the feelings of your yarn or objects in the works. Very funny and clever. If my currently, but temporarily, "bagged" and on the sidelines shawl-to-be could talk...

Jean said...

Bwahhaahaa! What is that bottom formerly hank, then ball, now cake of yarn? I love the color. And the go with the flow attitude is appealing, too. You know (s)he won't fight you when you knit it.