Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm long and I'm strong and I'm down to get the friction on

That thing was catchy, right?! I am tired of magazines telling me flat butts are the thing. So say we all.

Have I already gone on the obligatory rant about how this Chevron scarf pattern is in a book called Last Minute Knitted Gifts? If I have, forgive me. If I haven't, would someone be so kind as to explain to me how - really, how - it would be possible to knit this at any minute that one would call "last" without seriously compromising one's hand health and/or sanity? Boy oh boy. These people.

Also, please note: my PIC, B-SNAK, and my sidekick and I are all headed out of town first thing tomorrow for a conference. We'll return late Saturday. In order to keep you from getting too sad or missing me too much, I've chosen a post for you to read for each day I'm gone. These are some of my favorites from last year (I think they're all last year).

Wednesday: Huh. That's funny. On mine it said failure was an option.

Thursday: This creeps me out.

Friday: None of my beeswax

Saturday: Half-Fetching review

You can pace yourself, or you can read them all now. As with all things, it's really up to you. Have a great week!


kim said...

No offense to anyone else (I know how easily offended folks get about their crafts), but yours is by far the prettiest Chevron scarf I've seen. Those colors work so well together.

"so use me, use me cuz I ain't no average groupy..." Darn you!

Nano said...

Love your Chevron colors. Yes, that "last minute" thing is way inappropriate for this scarf. lovely as it is.

I leave you with...
"To the beanpole dames in the magazines: You ain't it, Miss Thing!"

Who knew we'd all be quoting Sir-Mix-A-Lot one day?

Ashley said...

Anyone who can so deftly reference Sir Mix-A-Lot and Battlestar Galactica in a single paragraph has my undying respect.

Nora said...

Last minute my a**! It would take me weeks. WEEKS!!

Jean said...

I haven't knit that scarf but I did chuckle when I read the bit in the book where they said (paraphrasing), this does take a while to knit, so don't start it too late. Ya think?

tiennie said...

Last minute - hell no! Have a great time!

Now, to find my Sir-Mix-A-Lot!

Kim said...

How thoughtful of you, leaving us entries to read in your absence. Thank you, and you will be missed.

kathy said...

Gorgeous colors. I love how it's in the More than 8 Hours section. Yep, definitely takes more than 8 hours to knit this scarf.

Nano said...

Geez... hurry back. I just read "This Creeps Me Out" and I'm creeped out.