Monday, May 21, 2007

Pretty things

I have another deadline I need to attend to, but I don't want to leave you empty-handed. So I thought I'd share some online items that I've been drooling over lately:

This beautiful Lumen Shadow Projector comes in different styles, including a cedar tree, magnolia tree, and just birds. Seriously, isn't that a really lovely thing?

This wool blanket is from Branch - a store that specializes in gorgeous (and pricey) sustainable items. When I finally get those millions, this blanket will be mine. Mine! (You might try to tell me that I could make this blanket. But if you did that, I'd need some convincing. And some education. Because, would I knit it and then felt it? No, right? Or yes? Urgh. I know nothing.)

My sidekick and I considered getting these wall displays from Sprout Home for our new office, but then thought better of it. They're just a little too too. We still think they're cool, though.

Now, if only I could find a new, modern lighting fixture to put over our dining room table, life would be good. (As always, any ideas you've got are welcome.)



Nora said...

Ok, now you've done it! I have a friend in SF, CA and I've emailed her your post. I want that blanket!

Hey, do ya reckon we can knit/sew it? I've got some charcoal wool fabric waiting patiently next to the machine...

Nora said...

Had to come back for another look! I've decided to make the scarf version of this blanket... stay tuned.

Mue said...

I love all the new sites!

And about that light fixture for over your dining room table. Have you looked at ? There is a bossa pendant on sale [from $748 now $299] that looks promising.

Stacey said...

ooooh - love that lamp - the shadows on the wall - a wonderful art piece!

Anonymous said...

modern i like (cut and paste)