Friday, May 18, 2007

Quick! There's a sale on fabric!

Tonic Living, people. Another online wonderland of amazingly good fabrics.

And! Until this Sunday (the 20th), all of their fabrics are 15% off!

I've never ordered from them, and I don't remember how I found out about them. But go take a look. Really cute. And! A sale!

How about that owl fabric? (In what seems to be a trend with my links lately, the blue is sold out, but the pink was still in stock last time I checked.)

Let me know if you see anything you like over there!


Stacey said...

too cute! I'm heading over to check them out....

Ashley said...

Phew--it's 15% off with a $100 purchase. They saved me from myself.

Nano said...

IF there's anything I like?!?
I could easily hit the $100 mark but I'm waiting until I make it to Michael Levine, hopefully next week. But I am ordering the black & white paisley. It was made for me :-)

Laura said...

Please! I am trying very hard and not succeeding at NOT acquiring a fabric stash. :)