Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm back!

Before I regale you with New York stories to make you smile, drool, and cry (because that's how I likes ya), you must go check out this Random Stripe Generator. I found it this morning and cannot stop playing with it.

OK, seriously. Think of all those nubblets of yarn/fabric/paper you have lying around. Think of how you wish you could figure out how to put them together into a blanket/scarf/lovely greeting card without it looking completely ugg.

Now, go use this easy-as-pie, magical piece of tech-mology, and then you tell me if you aren't inspired to use what you've got to make something really great. Go!

(I found this amazing thingie thanks to links from Quilters Buzz and Bella Dia.)



Thanks for that... I clicked and have now been 'playing' for almost an hour before coming back here. x

gina said...

Hi Dr. B.

I love the random stripe generator...I have been playing with it all night. I will be posting about it on QuiltersBuzz tomorrow night late...Thanks for the cool tool tip... and for reading!