Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The new Blogger and Sublime Stitching: mini-reviews

I just switched to the new version of Blogger, so this is mostly just a little test to see how it is.

For people wondering about the switch (Blogger geeks):
  • I was able to drag and drop that image up there. Easy.
  • I can select the image and then hyperlink it, rather than having to mess with the html. (Could you do that before, and I just couldn't?)
  • Making the switch over from the old version to the new version was really, really easy.
  • I haven't tested anything else out yet, but so far, so good.
For people who read my blog who couldn't care less about the switch:
  • This is the best part, as far as I'm concerned: If you're looking for something on my blog, it's gonna be easier for you to find it. Hopefully soon, I'll have an index over on the side with categories like "quilting" and "knitting" and "things that make my teeth hurt," and then you'll click on what you want, and all the relevant posts will pop right up. (I sound really confident about my ability to do that, huh? Yeah. We'll see about that.)
As for this book - Sublime Stitching by Jenny Hart:
  • It's great. Really great.
  • Her writing and diagrams are very clear and easy-to-follow. She spells out how to do some traditional stitches and also a couple of really cool ones that she invented (the "twinkle stitch" and "scalloping chain").
  • The bulk of the book is a bazillion iron-on transfers. Really - a bazillion. And there are pockets in the book to store the sheets once you've taken them out of the book.
  • If you've ever thought about wanting to try embroidery, I'd say this is the book to get. She walks you through the necessary materials and ways to try it out on the cheap.
  • If you're already someone who embroiders, these transfers are a must.
More on the book another time. I'm feeling an overwhelming urge to start labeling things.

Let me know if anything seems out of whack. (Or, more out of whack than usual.)

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