Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pretending it's winter

I just ordered this pattern from Lettuce Knit.

They've used Misti Chunky Baby Alpaca for the one pictured. The pattern is arriving via snail mail, which gives me enough time to figure out what color I should make mine in. That's right. MINE! I shall make it for myself.

Doesn't it just seem like a good staple to have to throw on over whatever? Or is there some other sweater that you prefer for that purpose?

Brenda on Six Feet Under always had these great sweater-jackets that she wore. I'd love one of those. (I looked on the internets for an image of Brenda in her sweater, but came up empty-handed. If you've never seen the show or if you don't remember it, imagine a really, really great sweater-jacket. That was it.)

Also, in this discussion of excellent sweaters, I implore my P-I-C to refrain from commenting on my two-year-old Rowan sweater-jacket parts that are shoved away in a bag somewhere here, unassembled. Refrain!


Kristy said...

It is precious. I love the construction and the drape and all that good stuff but even better, it looks comfy and cozy. What color are you planning for this masterpiece?

Dr. B. said...

Well, Kristy, that does seem to be the burning question at this time. What color should it be? I just don't know. I've ruled out fuschia. So, I've got that going for me. After that, it's anyone's guess. Any suggestions?

jen said...

That sweater is gorgeous! And I can walk to Lettuce Knit - I must go check that out. The green you've shown it in is beautiful - but a nice grey/blue would be pretty as well. Or chocolate brown. Or natural. Hmmmmm...such a pretty sweater-jacket. Enjoy :)

Nora (Black Dog Knits) said...

Would be oh-so-lovely in a light grey or caramel, no?


Dr. B. said...

Hey Jen, these are very good choices. I do like chocolate brown (just ask the unassembled sweater-coat in my closet).

And Nora, that link is GREAT! Light grey? Coffee spills look very pronounced on light grey. Caramel? Not as much.

Still undecided, but very grateful for the ideas!