Thursday, July 05, 2007

All my people and a rabbit

ME: I think I'm gonna make this Purl rabbit.
ME: Yeah. It's really cute, and you can make lots of clothes for it, like a dress and some pants and a little top.
ME: Also? You can knit a little sweater for it. It's super cute.
SIDEKICK: You'd better blog about it first.
ME: What? Why?
SIDEKICK: Last time.
ME: What "last time"?
SIDEKICK: Just two seconds ago, when you were gonna make that $300 blanket -- all your people gave you shit.
ME: Right.
ME: Not all of them. They were all really sweet and totally right.
SIDEKICK: I'm just saying. They know what's what. Maybe they'll know something about this rabbit.
ME: But it doesn't look that hard.
ME: And I want to try out my new stuffing!
ME: I'm just gonna make it.
SIDEKICK: {Has a nice little laugh about my foolishness and goes on about his business.}

Here's how far I got on the rabbit yesterday. Oh, but the ears aren't actually sewn on yet.

It would've gone quicker, but my first set of legs and ears were sewn way too narrow, so I couldn't turn them inside out. When I say "couldn't" I mean I tried for about an hour and a half using all manner of tools, including a pencil, a corner turner, my widdle fingers, and a chopstick. You can't say I don't try.

Up next: Ear attachment. Face and feet embroidery. And then making those adorable clothes.

(Let's not yet rule out the possibility that my embroidery could turn this super-cute rabbit into a scary-faced creature, not suitable for viewing. For the next day or so if you're looking for me, I'll be teetering on the fine line between cute and scary. Wish me luck.)


kim said...

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to give you shit. Honestly. But I just could not condone a $300 crocheted blanket. COULD.NOT.DO.IT.

The rabbit, on the other hand, very cute! Very cute indeed.

Dr. B. said...

Kim - No no no!! No apology necessary! Your candor (and the candor of my beloved others) snapped me back into reality. "Giving me shit" was meant in the best way. Really!

I'm glad you're currently finding the rabbit cute. As I said, it could be a fleeting thing. Enjoy it while you can. :)

Nora said...

One of the nice thing about you Dr B is that you take the good with the bad! And the rabbit is GOOD (or at least he will be when you dress him).

Me? I've had a sudden urge to make this dolly.

Rabbits, dolls - it's all good.

Kristy said...

The rabbit is decidedly chic. I could easily be lured into making one of those but I must look away. I am staggered by the knowledge of the amount of time that could be spent sewing and knitting for the little darling? I might never knit anything human sized again if I had a little rabbit to knit for!

I'm with Kim and Nora - the bunny was a good call.

Anonymous said...

Sidekick and you are hilarious!

Jean said...

Gemological tweezers (long, skinny tweezers) would have done the trick turning those ears inside out. Sure, the ears probably would have then *looked* too skinny, but they'd be turned, darnit!