Friday, July 06, 2007

Chickens make dresses

As it turns out, when the tough gets going, Dr. B. does something else.

Rather than attaching the ears and embroidering the face of this rabbit yesterday, I made a dress instead.

Look, I got scared. Real scared. I wasn't ready to ruin my beloved rabbit with some bad embroidery. I did manage to draw a face on very lightly, but after that, it was all chicken all the time.

What's ridiculous is that I don't think I've ever sewn an item of clothing before (except for that Holly Hobby bathing suit I've mentioned). But suddenly, sewing a small dress with pleats seemed like the perfect thing to do to calm my nerves.

If you'd been here while I was making it, I think you would've been impressed with the number of flaws there were in the process. And the number of times I spoke out loud to myself about the whole thing.

"Oh, I'll just make this the back piece. No one will notice."

"Well. I guess I'll just slice this whole part off. Then it will line up, and everything will be fine. FINE!"

"Mmm. Well. It is what it is."

I am not in the running for Miss Rabbit Dress 2007 . But you know what? That's really OK.

I think I'll be OK, everyone.


Jean said...'s really cute! You're doing great. Now give that poor bunny a face. If it goes horribly awry, at least you can give us all a good laugh over it. But I'm sure it's going to come out wonderfully and be totally adorable.

kim said...

I love it! It's just adorable. If you didn't point out all your foibles, no one would ever know. Now, let's give that little girl some expression, shall we?

Kristy said...

The dress is precious! Maybe your rabbit is Amish, where faceless dolls are traditional. I think she is lovely as is.

Also, I am impressed that your conversations with yourself were so calm and civilized, narry a profanity insight.

tiennie said...

Your rabbit is so cute! Love the little dress too.

Nora said...

What a cute little dress. How did you get those wee arms into those wee sleeves??

Now, on to the FACE!

vt said...

That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I love it! Think of all the clothing possibilities! You're awesome :)