Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bunny needs a blanket

Because I've apparently lost my mind, and because I don't feel like fixing that raglan sweater yet, I'm making a doll-sized quilt for Bunny Friedan*.

Here's Bunny posing with the quilt-in-progress:

Close-up of the machine-quilted quilt top:

Another shot of the top. (This one really showcases the design features of this quilt.) :

Because it's for the rabbit, I cut all kinds of corners on this thing. I really did. Think of a corner. Chances are good that I cut it. So when I say design features, I'm actually talking about WTFs. Puckers, distortions, and other imperfections. (If I were ever to write a quilting book, that would most certainly be its title.) But you know what? Bunny doesn't care. She's just happy to have a face.

I'm going to try to remember how to put a binding around the edge, and then I plan on making a little pillow and pillowcase to complete the set.

If the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior (and I'm not completely sold on that idea), I should be cranking out a nice collection of well-intentioned but poorly-executed bunny items here in the next few days: quilt, pillow, pillowcase, maybe a few more clothing items. But then I've gotta walk away. I've got knitting to do!

*Thanks to Kim for Bunny's name!


kim said...

I love the quilt (and Bunny and all her accoutrements too!). Cutting corners is my middle name. If you wrote a book, I would most certainly buy it. In fact, I bought yet another sewing machine and am determined to give sewing another try. I've made two WTF-corner-cutting pillows already. I'm on a roll...

Ashley said...

You are a Bunny-accessory MACHINE. I can't keep up with all your bunn accessories! Btut he quilt, it rules. I think I need a bunny so I can make it a quilt.

Have you seen this, by the way? I think Bunny needs a girlfriend.

Ashley said...

Ps I wrote the above comment after 3 blackberry-sage margaritas and a glass of wine, hence the insane typos ("btut"?). At least I did the html right.

tiennie said...

Love that little quilt!

Kristy said...

The quilt is absolutely perfect. I am certain that Bunny will love it...I doubt there are enough puckers and imperfections in the entire quilting world to tarnish the smile on Bunny's face.