Monday, July 23, 2007

Bunny has a scarf

You know what takes exactly two seconds to make? A scarf for a 12-inch rabbit.

It didn't really take me two seconds, but Stomp The Yard on DVD is to blame for that. Piece of advice for the knitters? This is not really a movie to knit to -- unless you find drooling and heart palpitations provide added value to your knitted item. If that's the case, then be my guest.

Do not fear, kind reader. Operation Bunny Friedan is nearly complete. Once I've finished the little raglan sweater, I might make a small tote bag for all of bun-bun's items, and then that's it. I'll be back to my hodgepodge of craftery in no time.

And, for the record, I said might make a little tote bag. As always, don't hold me to that. Because if you do, it'll just be awkward for everyone.


Ashley said...

I kind of want Bunny's scarf for me.

kim said...

As long as we don't have to schedule a bunny intervention for you. I know you can stop any time you want. ;)

tiennie said...

I love how cute that scarf is on Bunny!

Kristy said...

Ohhhh....a tiny bunny scarf. Now that is an instant-gratification FO if I've ever seen one!

Bunny is certainly well appointed. The possibilities are endless, really, of things you could make for her. Why stop at a tote bag? I think bunny needs a pet...perhaps a tiny felted pet...what? a mouse? What sort of pet would a 12" rabbit have?

Pardon me while I go enable some other crafters.

Nora said...

Bunny definitely needs a bag. And some toys (thanks Kristy). And perhaps a blanket ot two... with matching cushions.

Nora said...

Oh, my apologies. I've just read your previous post - Bunny DOES have a lovely quilt and a pillow! How funny! You, Dr B, are the best!