Friday, July 13, 2007

Be-holed! I'm putting the "rag" back in "raglan".

Allow me to share what it sounded like inside my head yesterday.

I'm gonna knit that little raglan sweater for my Purl Rabbit! I've really zipped through the other clothing items. Dress? Check. Pants? Yes. Top? Yups. All that's left is that little raglan sweater! Let's do this thing!

I've never made a raglan sweater, but how hard can it be? It looks pretty straightforward.

I'll use the yarn that sweet Kristy sent me, because it's kind of bright and eye-catching. It seems like the right weight, so I'm not gonna bother swatching. It's a tiny sweater. If I jack it up, I'll just do it over. Right? Right.

OK. Now let's see here. Sleeves? Very easy. Knit, knit, knit.

Oh, shit. When you bind off stitches do you count the first one you knit or the first one you bind off? I can't remember. I could look it up, but I'll just figure it out. I'm sure it's fine. Bind off three stitches.

Two sleeves? Check!

Back of sweater. Yes. Easy easy. Let's watch some TV while we do this. Garter stitch la la la. Goldie Hawn really did look like Kate Hudson when she was younger! Oh shit, I think I purled when I was supposed to have knitted. Eh. It's fine.

Doo-dee-doo. Stockinette stitch. La dee dah.

What's next? Armholes! Attaching sleeves! Ok, great! Oh. We're back to that bind-off question again. I really should look it up. Ah, screw it. It's fine. I'll just do it this way. Bind off six stitches.

Huh. Maybe it's not fine. Well. I'll do the second sleeve the other way and see which one looks right. Let's keep this thing moving, people. Attaching... sleeves.

Wow. That's a really big hole right there. Yeah. Right next to the really big hole that's supposed to be there.

So, yeah. One bind-off way was the right way, and one was the wrong way. OK. So? And? We knew that. That's what we knew. We knew it already. So.

I'll just sew it up at the end, and who's gonna know the difference?

Oh. Right. You all will.


I thank you not to point while you laugh. It only reflects badly on you.

I shall finish the little rag and we'll all see who's laughing then. (Put your money on you.)


kim said...

Ah, that's what darning needles are for. Besides, Bunny's lips are sealed.

tiennie said...

I am not laughing. OK, only a little and only b/c you told me not to. I can't help it! It's pretty yarn! Darning will fix that right up!

Luppernoodle said...

I saw your comment about the rape on Yarn Harlot. Nitche the philospher had the same problem with language.

Dr. B. said...

Kim and Tiennie - Thanks for the reminders that this can get fixed at the end.

And Tiennie, it makes me really happy to know you're laughing!

Luppernoodle - Thank you for your comment! And congratulations to you on your recent job change. (I would've commented on your blog, but since it wasn't an option, I thought I'd do so here. Hope that's OK.) Cheers!

Stacey said...

hey - sometimes you just have to knit through all the little "issues"... :)