Sunday, July 01, 2007

Maybe this time will be different

I am strongly considering crocheting a blanket. This blanket, to be exact. The square above is a wrong-yarn, wrong-hook test square (WYWHTS) to see if I could stand to crochet something.

Why, yes. I have been burned by crochet in the past, thank you for remembering. And I have, as a direct result of those burns, made strong statements about how I feel about crochet.

In my defense, the strong statements were typed in a very small font, so I think this leaves plenty of room for me to give it another chance. Did you see that font? It was the smallest! Anyway, things deserve second chances. So there.

Here's the part where I might need to seek some professional help, though: I am strongly considering spending a lot of money to make this blanket. I'm not going out of my way to do this. It's easy to do! All I have to do is use the yarn that the pattern calls for, and right there you're looking at -- I'll let you do the math if you're so inclined -- 22 skeins at $13.50 per skein equals a lot of money.

I might have some problems. I'm willing to admit that. But why do something if you're not gonna really do it?

What I like most, I think, is the idea of each of you sitting and laughing a little bit at what a foolish undertaking I'm about to embark upon. That pleases me in a way that even I find surprising.

Who knew?


Nora said...

US$297 (A$348)!

For a blanket.

A crochet blanket.

Made up of many squares.

Squares that one day must be attached.

As in joined together.

By hand.

Your call.

Stacey said...

wow. that is a lot of money and time and hooking for a blanket! but, if it is what you want, i guess i'd go for it!

kim said...

Seriously? Seriously! It's a joke, right?

What Nora said! Dead on.

Ashley said...

Why, I've seen Koigu as low as $12 elsewhere! Which makes the blanket practically a bargain.

But I am forced to echo Nora. The finishing, the finishing. The finishing is what Kurtz saw when he looked into the heart of darkness.

Kristy said...

Someone get the vapors. I am feeling faint.

$297 US...Let's not forget the (at least) 8% sales tax you are likely to pay in your neck of the woods and you are looking at at least $320. My heavens. For a crochet project??? You, of all people, embarking on a crochet project of this magnitude...Pardon me while I go lie down.

Umm...Babette is a lovely blanket. Via con Dios.

Anonymous said...

In what colors, please? And will it be very, very soft?

RC said...

Ok coming out of lurkdom to just offer my help and support. I have repaired many a granny square blanket brought into my old LYS and have 30+ yrs with the hook. I'm the "Crochet Whisperer".

If you REALLY want to do it, I'll be there for you.

Come to the crochet side, Dr B... muh-haha

tiennie said...

Eeek.. I'm hopeless at crochet so you go on ahead with your bad self!

alib said...

mmmm that's a beautiful blanket.
but ohhhh thats alota money...
(but if you do it i will feel better for my own consider that it is taking one for the team!!)