Thursday, July 26, 2007

What do you know? More blurry photos!

First, a haiku:

Blurry yarn photos.
My theory lives on in them.
Loksins makes me shake.

Second, don't be surprised if I accidentally snap these million-dollar ebony needles in the process of making these socks. They sure are bendy, I tell you what. When I do snap them, I will be sure to say a lot of really crazy cuss words and maybe also accidentally poke some part of my hand or arm with them or something. You know. To make it more entertaining.

And third, knitting is fun! I kinda forgot during the Bunny Flurry how fun knitting is. Sure, sure. In two seconds I'll be griping about how this stitch didn't work or how my gauge is off or something. But for now, I'm in love.



Kristy said...

ohhhhh! I am so excited to see these socks. I hadn't seen that pattern before you shared it.

Here's hoping your pictures continue to be blurry and unclear...Inasmuch is that is an indication of the softest of the yarn and the loveliness of the knitting.

kim said...

There is something about the off-white yarn against the beautiful, (albeit bendy)ebony needles that makes this project look so enticing. I can't wait to see your progress, as I'm certain you will do an fine job. Be the ball.

Nora said...

I actually like blurry photos - it's called fracture and sometimes it's intentional and can look quite lovely. :)

tiennie said...

I think your photos are pretty and so it the knitting and the neutral colors!