Friday, July 27, 2007

Fancy knitting

Everything about this project is fancy: the pattern, the million-dollar needles, and the yarn. I didn't mention yesterday that I'm using a cashmere yarn for my test run. I know. It's foolish. I'm also using hundred dollar bills to scrub my kitchen, but that's neither here nor there.

So far, the only thing holding up in the fancy department is the pattern.

Nice 'n' fancy.

Ok. So, let's discuss the bendy needles.

You saw this one coming. Were you gonna guess that a needle went snap? If you were, you would've been off by one letter. Take a look.


Is that a bit of cashmere sticking out of that needle, and clearly visible in the shadow? Yes, actually! Yes. It is. Right in the midst of knitting all fancy, my needle went snag. I could hang a coat off the piece of wood that's come up off this needle.

What the eff, people? These are million-dollar needles!

"Due to its density, ebony wooden needles take on a fine polish or gloss that only improves with use," says Yarn Market. What they meant to say is, "Upon first use, the Lantern Moon ebony needle will splinter apart abruptly but subtly, leaving a razor-sharp wedge to catch even the finest of yarns every time." I'm gonna just send that correction over to Yarn Market real quick.

Ok, so that brings us to the finest of yarns portion. This yarn is really soft and lovely. I got three balls on sale from the store where they push you over. And knitting with it yesterday was very soothing. So soothing, in fact, and looking so good in this pattern, I decided I'd keep these cashmere tester socks for myself.

CUT TO: Just a minute ago. I did a search for Filatura di Crosa Elen Cashmere yarn. I did this for you, so that you could click on "the yarn" above, and be sent to another site to learn more about the yummy yarn.

And now I take you into my head, only moments ago:

(looking at my search results) Yarndex. That looks good. [click] (reading) Yes. Made in Italy. Right. MSRP $ 17.95. Hmm. My LYS really jacked the price up. Good thing I got it on sale. Yes. Good. Oooooh, look at all those colors. Pumpkin. Mauve. There are like a hundred colors here, and only one is discontinued! Cream. (long, sad pause) Is mine cream? (momentarily hopeful) Maybe it's not. (reading more closely) "DISCONTINUED COLORS: 04 Cream". OK.

At this point, I didn't have the courage to turn my head to look at the yarn label that was just to the left of my left hand. Head still, eyes slowly panning to the left, I looked a the label.

Right under "Colore - Shade Farbe Couleur" was stamped just one thing. The number 4.

No fancy tester socks for me. I'd broken one of the basic rules of knitting: Buy enough yarn for your project when you first buy your yarn. You might never see that yarn again.

Fancy knitting. It ain't all gravy.


kim said...

It may not be gravy, but that sock is gorgeous!

Jamie said...

Just checked out the blog and saw the tester socks - so exciting! As the 'spectator' who somehow mindmelded you into making me some tricky socks, i feel somehow responsible for your wellbeing while making them, and i was thrilled to see you enjoying making the testers - and then crushed by the agony of de-feet (sorry, couldn't resist!) when you discovered the yarn shortage... Whatever i can do to support your efforts, i will do - bring you takeout food, do knitting cheers, whatever - yay socks!!!

tiennie said...

It looks amazing so far. I think that you can get a free replacement for the needles. After all, those are the creme de la creme and a million bucks to boot!

Nora said...

Dr B, you've certainly had your fair share of drama lately! The socks are beautiful (albeit discontinued - never to be seen again) and I love how you've photographed them. Chin up. It could be worse. You could be knitting with STAINLESS STEEL sewing thread. Give me the cashmere any day, discontinued or otherwise. x

Jean said...

I had some lantern moon 12" straight needles splinter. The LYS (not the one where they push you over) let me exchange them. But the replacements splintered, too. I haven't bought lantern moon since. It really is galling for that to happen to million dollar needles. I'm so sorry. The socks are looking wonderful. Too bad about the discontinued color. I hope it all gets better from here.

Kim said...

I treated myself to Lantern Moon needles like those, but found myself squinting with dark colored yarn. So I used them for about 4 days before the replacement. I've been using them recently as stitch holders - the dpn holders, the kind that stretch and have caps to hold the needles, have bent the needles, and I also noticed that they are not smooth, but threatening to splinter! I won't be buying them again either. PS- I have Lantern Moon needles in a lighter, honey color in size 5 which seem to be just fine.

Ashley said...

But the other colors are not discontinued, right? You can have the socks, just in, oh, a lovely pale blue, perhaps? Maybe a gray?

Return the needles and get some Addi Turbo lace tips to magic loop with. You won't be sorry. < /needle evangelizing>

Kristy said...

The sock is looking really lovely. Major bummer about the discontinued yarn. I think the yarn people are in cahoots with the lipstick people...

Your experience here only reinforces my love for metal knitting needles. I had a bad experience with the wood early on and I've never trusted them since.