Friday, July 20, 2007

Bunny pride

I've cracked the code.

Remember when I said I thought the Purl Rabbit was stealing my funny? I was wrong.

What has been stealing my funny is my recent reluctance to talk about my crafting debacles in detail. That is absolutely it! I've been all earnest, and isn't the rabbit cute and awww look at her clothes. And that's just not funny like making 39 mistakes a minute is funny.

If I had the energy or the constitution, I'd start a new blog, and I would call it Debacles in Detail. That sounds quite good, and it has the nice double meaning. Out of that one title you get (1) details about numerous debacles and (2) ways that attention to detail is lacking and/or debacle-y. See? Change the word you emphasize, and you've got a different thing. Dual-purpose things are cool.

Maybe I'll change the sub-title of this blog to Debacles in Detail. If I do that, will you promise you'll pronounce it debb'-a-clees to keep with tradition?


Before I do that -- if I do that -- allow me to share a last couple of earnest and sweet and unflinchingly not-funny photos of Bunny tucked in for the night.

On her pillow, under her quilt, with her ear flopped down, she is pretty cute.

It's a shame I'm not up for really bringing it right about now. Because I tell you what. With the quality and quantity of debacles in that little quilt alone, I'd have enough material to play every Chuckle Hut and Funny Factory in the country.

(Chuckle Hut and Funny Factory are names I just made up in my head. If you have an establishment named either of those things, my apologies for assuming I could get a gig at your venue relying solely on crafting-related disaster comedy. I am not a comedian and do not intend to minimize the difficulty and skill associated with that profession. Again, sorry.)

I promise I'll swallow my Bunny pride and share more of the disasters with you here. That be-holed raglan sweater still needs the sleeves to be attached. We all know where that's headed.


kim said...

I say, 'Let your bunny flag fly!' I don't always just come here for the funny. Okay, I do, but still. You typically deliver. Have a great weekend.

Ashley said...

Bunny does not care about debaclees. Bunny loves her blankie.

tiennie said...

What sweet pics of Bunny!

Kristy said...

I was starting to get a bit concerned. I've noticed that the absence of knitting content has coincided with this Little-Mary-Sunshine disposition of yours. I was comforted by the touch of bitterness and peppering of expletives that accompanied the Bunny's raglan sweater post but still worried that you were going to turn over some sort of near sweet-as-pie leaf.

I am reassured to read this post and find out that it is, in fact, the lack of Debb'-a-clees and not the lack of knitting that has stolen your funny.

Did any of that even make sense to anyone other than me?