Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bunny was a huge success

I am proud to announce that Bunny's life just got a lot more exciting. And the transition from crafty item to cherished play companion was pretty remarkable to behold.

Bunny was presented to her proud new owner yesterday, an awesome and adorable 20-month old Little Girl, and they are truly and completely in love.

(As you know, I don't care for children. But for this particular Little Girl, I have a great deal of fondness. And watching this whole thing unfold yesterday only made that fondness grow.)

When they first met, Little Girl looked long and hard at Bunny's face, looking deep into Bunny's french-knot eyes to make sure Bunny was trustworthy and/or kind. After this careful assessment, it seemed all was good in the world, and Bunny was promptly relieved of her pink dress and placed face down on her little quilt for a nap. The pillow? That was placed on top of Bunny like a blanket. Well, that was for a second. The pillow then became Little Girl's pillow, and there was a quick demonstration of what taking a nap is, complete with "honk-shoo" snoring noises.

Then there was interest for a moment in putting Bunny's shirt on as Little Girl pants, but it was explained that those were Bunny's clothes, and that was fine. The pillowcase was worn as a glove for a moment, and Bunny's back was patted kindly with a be-cased little hand for a bit.

Then, a tiny mistake happened. It was time for Little Girl and Bunny to leave Dr. B.'s place, and Little Girl's Mom said to Little Girl, "Put Bunny in the stroller. It's time to go." Little Girl ran excitedly over to the stroller, and started to strap Bunny in. So happy and gleeful, she sort of called out, "Bunny. Stroller!" Very excited.

Mom went over to make the necessary adjustment. "Bunny and Little Girl both go in the stroller." No sooner had Mom said this and taken Bunny out of the stroller than Little Girl screamed with a desperation and panic I can hardly describe. BUNNY!!!! STROLLER!!!!!! Like something really, really bad was going to happen if Bunny didn't get to ride in that stroller. Like, "Did you not just tell me to put Bunny in the stroller?! What did you just say?! Bunny goes in the stroller, or she'll DIE!"

Fine. Bunny stays in the stroller.

As we all walked to their car, Little Girl walked alongside Bunny's giant stroller, occasionally stopping to offer Bunny some water from her sippy cup, or taking Bunny out so Bunny could get a closer look at the gardens we were passing. This was crushingly cute.

Since then (yesterday afternoon), Bunny has gotten her own Bun-sized stroller and has been pushed around all over, I hear. Before day care this morning, there was apparently prying from hands and much dismay that Bunny would not be going along.

Dudes. Who knew crafting could bring this kind of love? It may not last, as love sometimes doesn't. But for now? Such cuteness!

The Purl Rabbit, y'all. I highly recommend it.


kim said...

I'm so glad Bunny found an a loving home and an appreciative owner. Even better that you enjoyed gifting her. Win/win.

Rose Red said...

Delurking to share in the bunny love. Fab job on Bunny and her accessories, and great story.

Ashley said...

....and all this time I thought she was for you.

Nora said...

Yes! I thought she was YOUR bunny too...

Dr. B. said...

Rose Red - Thank you for delurking and for your kind words!! That was very sweet of you.

As for you other sillies, what would a grown woman do with a little rabbit doll? Oh, yes, right. Admire her and love her and dress her in clothes. Right. That would be fun. {I'd make some statement here about making another Bun for myself. But we all know how empty my crafting promises can be.}

Thanks for all your sweet words of encouragement!

Ashley said...

I think it's a mark of how fully I have descended into the craft madness that I both assumed she was for you, and saw nothing particularly surprising about that.

tiennie said...

Was it hard to part with Bunny - even to a cute little girl?

vt said...

That is the best telling ever. I got all emotional as I read it! Bunny's the bomb!

Faith! said...

I should have commented much earlier but I've followed bunny's entire creation with delight, and am so glad it has a happy ending! You did a great job.

Kristy said...

Ahhhh....I'm all verklempt at the Bunny love. Here I was thinking Bunny was made just for you!

So happy Ms. Friedan has a good home.

Felicia said...

How could she not love a face like that :)

Nora said...

Ditto Ashley - again.

I, too, thought it was perfectly acceptable for a grown woman to make herself a bunny. Totally.

lau said...

hello from France !

totally agree with Ashley and Nora :-)

I myself have a handmade doll
...and now I think I'll sew a purl rabbit some day !

for now, I just wrote a post about this and recommended your rabbit posts for further details (including the "social justice " one which I liked a lot :-)

what you did is really beautiful !

Dr. B. said...

Lau - What a wonderful surprise to get a comment on this post all these years later! And from France! I had completely forgotten about how joyful this bunny project was. Thank you for blogging about it and for leaving this comment. Cheers!