Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An Embarrassment of Riches: The Parade

Do people still go to parades? There are some that are always immensely popular (your Rose Bowls, your Gay Prides, your Weiner Dogs), but as a popular form of entertainment, I think the parade has pretty much been replaced by other (dare I say) more entertaining things.

That being said, a virtual Parade of Items has potential, I think. For starters, you are probably more comfortable right now than you would be if you were outdoors sitting on bleachers. Also? Maybe your choice of snacks is a little more varied than a pile of spun sugar, ice with syrup on it, or a snout tube on a stick. (Unless those are delicious to you, in which case I hope you have them handy.) Finally, if you're lucky, right now you aren't smushed up against a bunch of sweaty dudes, their kids, and... well, sweaty dudes. (Again, unless that's what you're into. And if that's the case, again, I hope you're knee-deep in them.)

Did you get lots of soft things to protect your precious bones from breaking when you see the awesomeness?

Ok, then. Cue the trombones, the clackety-clacking drums, and the flag wavers! Here comes your Parade of Items from My Birthday Shopping Spree!

First up... pandas.

You'll see here that the Pandas come in two colors -- delicious pink and fantastic yellow. Nice one, pandas.

Here come the sheep!

Those sheep are always a favorite with the knitters. These are on an especially hefty fabric. Who knows what this fabric could become?

Get a load of these guys.

Bears. What's the matter, fellas? Why so stunned? Out in the woods and don't know what to do? Come on. I'm sure you can think of something.

(As I side note, I hadn't really realized how many animal fabrics I'd grabbed in my frenzy. Plenty, apparently.)

Next up, a few representatives from Echino, the teeth-smashingly good line from Japanese designer Etsuko Furuya.

Stripes, dots, and more stripes.

Now, prepare yourselves to behold the Frenzy Maker. The big finish to the parade!

The fabric you are about to see is the last yard that Superbuzzy had of this colorway of this fabric. Getting it before someone else did was the reason I was so reckless with my purchasing.

When I tell you I squealed out loud when I saw it online, and then again in person when it arrived, I'm not lying.

Here it is.

It. Is. So. Beautiful... to meeeeee. (that's the high one at the end)

Hooray!! That's the parade, folks!

There are many other fabrics that were purchased that didn't get their floats together in time. But I'm sure they'll make some special appearances in the future. Keep a lookout.

We'd like to thank my PIC for her generous contribution to the madness, and we hope you found today's parade enjoyable. Drive safely!

(See? Another upside to the virtual parade. You may already be where you were headed! But, drive safely anyway. It's good for everyone.)


Nora said...

I can honestly say the Furuya birds are my favourite. Have you seen the blue and red?
Divine, no?

I didn't know that Echino had a 'stripes' line... I'm off to do some shopping! Thanks, Dr. x

Stella said...

Pshaw, I thought, when I read your post yesterday. How much sitting could I possibly need to be doing to withstand fabrics. PICTURES of fabrics at that... but I had to gulp my tea to keep from audibly squeaking at my desk. The three animal prints in a row did me in.

kim said...

You had me at the sheep.

tiennie said...

I so love buying fabric too and yours are gorgeous!

Stacey said...

love it!! those pandas are so cute!!!!!

Ashley said...

The bears!!!!1!eleventy!! How did I miss the bears?

You know Reprodepot has those birds in a couple of other colors, yes?

Leslie said...

I love them all, but I luurrrve the bears! So cute!