Friday, August 31, 2007

Note to self: Turn on the light.

Just because a project is top-secret doesn't mean you have to make it in the dark.

Me (last night, talking to myself) : Ok, so that dark purple color looks good for that squiggly part. I'll use this dark brown for the not-so-squiggly part.

La dee dah. Stitch stitch stitch. Hmmm.

Me (to Sidekick later in the evening) : I'm not very pleased with how this secret project is turning out. For some reason the two colors I've used are looking really similar. I don't like it.
Sidekick: Huh.
Me: I can't figure it out. I used a purple and a brown, and they just don't look different enough.
Sidekick: I'm sure it's fine.
Me: No. I don't like it.
Sidekick: Huh.

Me (this morning, to myself again) : Let me see what is up here. Let's put this item in the sun and get a better look. If I simply place the dark brown floss directly between the squiggly and non-squiggly parts from last night...

Holy shit. Yeah, ok. Anyone could've made the same mistake, I suppose. But the truth of it is, the two colors looked "too similar" because they were -- in fact -- "the same".

Live and learn.

Saddest part? It's about 100 degrees here today. So while I sit by a window for the good light, pulling out last night's non-squiggly work and trying to finish the item, I will also be slow-roasting. Upside? By the end of the day I should be tender-er and juicier than when the day began. So I've got that going for me.


Felicia said...

Sounds a lot like conversations heard around my house!

Ashley said...

I would do that. I would totally, totally do that.

tiennie said...

Now I have that Nelly Furtado song running through my head - turn off the light, turn off the light. ack.

kim said...

If it's any consolation, the purple looks very pretty...

Carol said...

If you add a fan, it could be like a convection oven. You'd be done earlier. That would be good, right??