Thursday, August 09, 2007

Why do you hate cute things so much?

All I'm saying is Superbuzzy is having a sale. There are honest-to-goodness discounts on many items.

Between my PIC's generous birthday gift certificate and my own willingness to spend money, I just ordered a boatload of fabric. And the boat I'm referencing? Large. It's a large boat.

I could've been more measured and smart about my purchases, but I got all caught up in the frenzy. It was a little like this experience, only without the updates part.

See, what happens is, when you're looking at a particular fabric on Superbuzzy, you can see how much of it is left in stock. When I saw that there was only 1 yard left of a super-great fabric, I felt like I needed to race through my order to be sure to get it before someone else did. The only problem was that the fabrics are in alphabetical order, and the one-yarder started with "E". There were 705 fabrics, and I was only at about 180 at the time. (I would've linked to the fabric I'm talking about just now, but it's gone now. Because I bought the last yard!)

So, I may have been reckless. I may have just thrown things into my cart with arms a-flailing. There were things I'm sure I missed and things I grabbed without enough thought.

But, it's my birthday tomorrow, and I figure a little fabric-and-notions shopping spree isn't the worst thing in the world. (Even if the size of the spree was Large Boat.)



Ashley said...

Tomorrow? Why, it's today! (the time zone thing. I'm commenting from the future. Spooooky.) Happy birthday, my fellow Leo!

For the record, I don't hate cute things at all. Not one little bit.

kim said...

Happy Birthday, Dr. B! Nothing wrong with a little "healthy" indulgence, right?

Leslie said...

Happy birthday! Enjoy the large boatload of goodies (and maybe some cake?)!

Jean said...

Happy birthday! You deserve a fun, Superbuzzy, shopping frenzy!

tiennie said...

Happy happy birthday!!!!

Kristy said...

Happy Happy HAPPY birthday!

The fabric pictured really is pretty cute. I'm so very happy for you and your celebratory purchasing.

jane said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!! [If you sing this over and over to the 1812 Overture, you can pretend that I am there singing to you!]

Dr. B. said...

Thank you so much, everybody, for your birthday wishes! It's my first birthday with a blog, and I'm really appreciating the good wishes from kind people from all over the world!

Thank you!!