Thursday, August 23, 2007

I support things that support me back.

I don't believe in revenge as a practice. I really don't.

But it just so happened that when I was poking around online last night, I saw that Purl had the needles that I need to make those socks. You know the needles. The ones that this one had never heard of. There they were! Ready to be bought! So I bought them.

Now, after all your comments and a lot of soul-searching, I decided I won't go back to the LYS that gave me so much grief about these needles (among other things). Life's too short. And there's no need to get involved in any more nonsense. Why buy the drama when you can get the milk for free? (Oh, wait. That's not how that goes.) It makes me genuinely sad to have to make those kinds of decisions, but it seems like the ethical thing to do. Just put the whole thing down and walk away with loving kindness.

I am happy to give Purl my business, as they have never been anything other than prompt and kind. They also have that kick-ass Purl Bee. So, there's that.

My sock-making, online-buying, picky-needling self is gonna just have to drive a little further to get knitting supplies locally. And that's too bad. But it's preferable to giving my money to a place whose business practices are so problematic.

Thank you for all your thoughts on it. If you have any others, I'm all ears (or eyes, I suppose, in this case).

Back to crafting content with photos tomorrow!


kim said...

I noticed that Knitpicks also has the 'tween size needles. They have two size 1's and two size 2's. You have to check the mm's. I am a firm believer in good customer service. My LYS owner is not nice. Period. I go back time and again because she managed to hire some wonderfully helpful and friendly people. If it weren't for them, I'd be buying strictly online. It's just so much nicer if you can see and touch the fibers

Kim said...

Even my priest says forgive, but do not forget. That is, forgive the person for the act that hurt you, but that doesn't mean you should really put yourself out there for it to happen again.

Nora said...

You're doing the right thing.

Stacey said...

Not a bad choice for a LYS to support... :) Life is way too short to deal with icky salespeople!

Felicia said...

Yep, let them know how you feel with your dollars. Or lack of them as the case may be. :)

tiennie said...

Good for you!

Carol said...

I wouldn't call it revenge. I would call it an investment in your mental health. After all, they treat you nicer at the other place, which makes you happy, which makes your mental health better! How's that for circular logic?