Tuesday, August 07, 2007

For my next trick

I'm back! Vacations are cool. There should be more of those.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments about Bunny! I'm amazed at what a hit she's been.

Riding the wave of Bunny's success, I am now very interested in making a modified version of this pillow.

I've selected the fabric and embroidery threads that you see above. (The fabric is actually a lovely rich lavender color, and the pillow will be for a dark chocolate brown chair, if all goes according to plan.)

I've done a sketch of the design I want to embroider that pleases me greatly. Now I am just trying to figure out whether to mark the fabric before embroidering it or whether I should just eyeball the design and get knotting. Eyeballing is probably funnier and more likely to yield "you'll never believe what happened..." posts. But marking it has the potential for "can you believe how much this looks like shit?" posts. So there's that.

While there are other projects still in the works -- these socks, the raglan sweater for Bunny, the Chevron scarf, Quiltie, and others -- this will be my only embroidery project in progress. Oh, I lied. There's still that Brazilian embroidery thing. No, wait! I didn't lie! That one was just a sampler. A SAMPLER!

Ha HA! Didn't you miss my crazy?

Yeah. Thought so.


Ashley said...

Want the threads. Want the pretty shiny threads.

kim said...

Wow, you're getting good with these photos. That looks like something out of Purl. I'm glad you're back to get your crazy on. We've missed you!

Nora said...

Er, perhaps you should mark it...

I mean, those little knots are rather fiddly and time consuming and I'd hate for you to end up hating it, or worse, throwing it away after coughing up for the fabric and the pretty threads (that DO resemble a Purl photo - they are THAT good).

Perhaps you should mark it.

PS: I love long sentences. They're my new... thing.

Stacey said...

what beautiful embroidery threads - and the way you arranged them - brilliant! I have to say that french knots were the hardest thing when I did cross stitch - they always looked horrible! hopefully you won't have the same problems I did!

Kristy said...

Oh yes, indeed we did miss you. ;)

The fabrics, the thread - it is all so beautiful. I actually said "ahhhhh" right out loud when the picture came up on my screen.

I'm with Nora on the marking. I'd hate to see these beautiful materials turn evil.

tiennie said...

So very pretty! I love the colors you've chosen.

maryse said...

ooh i love the colors you've chosen.

Mue said...

Half-a-century ago during vacation Bible school, the girls would embroider[usually tea towels] and the boys would have woodworking time. Those tea towels - one with a cornucopia filled with fruit and one with a rooster on it - had the fabric marked. I was grateful for the markings...but then, I was nine and ten, for heaven's sake. So, go where your heart takes you.